Berchtesgaden to Flensburg instead?! Or: boycott EasyJet!!

First update: This is from the Apple Store in… no, not London, nowhere near actually… it’s from the one in MUNICH!

Plan B is in place already – before the beginning of my tour! Thanks to the greatest airline on earth, EasyJet! I was checked in, I was at the gate, together with more than a hundred other people waiting for boarding… and 10 minutes before boarding time, a little airport screen indicated: The flight was cancelled!!! No other information for the next hour or so. Seriously, NOBODY was responsible or knew anything. After that, an odyssee (this Apple MacBook tells me that I spelt that word wrongly, however, as I haven’t got a clue how to open a second tab/browser page, I won’t be able to look up what the correct spelling is – please excuse that little mistake) began. Don’t know how many kilomtres through the airport I made, I just know that I met many incompetent people in the area of the EasyJet Check-In – or more specific: I only met one single person from EasyJet who arranged the re-booking, didn’t know anything else, continuosly repeated “you need to talk to EasyJet in London about this”, and that was it. With my bike box which I had to get from baggage claim first, I was the last one in the queue, i.e. I got the worst alternative flight, plus an extra and very unwanted day in Munich. The whole story happened between 10pm and 1:30am last night (got to the airport at 7pm already). They then shuttled us to a hotel in centre of Munich (as if there weren’t any hotels close to the airport), well, and here I am. Lost my London hotel booking, lost my pre-booked train (this is going to be a lot of fun without a reservation tomorrow with the bike), lost my campsite reservation… and I’m waiting for my alternative flight tonight, same time, same airline, so please keep your fingers crossed that they’ll actually get us over tonight. Funniest thing: We weren’t told anything about the reason for the cancellation – only that the plane from London hasn’t arrived as it has never started from there. And THAT they must have known hours before boarding time which would have opened a lot more alternatives to me. Even driving over to England would have been a lot faster.

One thing I’ve learned: Never book with EasyJet anymore (still got two flights to go though – one tonight, and one back from Edinburgh in two weeks)!  And even if the route from south to north of Germany described in the title would be a lot easier to arrange now, I won’t give up and will have to make it with an average of 120km per day now. Still doable. And who knows, maybe I’ll still get my waterproof cycling socks in the store next door which I wasn’t able to find anymore before the start of the tour. I’ll go shopping in Munich today… still can’t believe it.

Oh, one las thing: Automatic doors at Munich airport, no matter if rotating or not, and elevators are mainly bike box suitable. THAT is the real lesson I learned from last night.

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