still alive

This is just to provide you with a brief update: I actually made it onto the island after all, spent a night at the airport (was too late and couldn’t really find my hotel on time), cycled through the centre of London, took a train to Penzance and actually cycled the first official 15km of the tour on Sunday in the afternoon.

I.e. I really started the cycling on Monday in the morning and am about to reach Buxton in the Peak District tonight (day 4) – after then approx. 360 miles or 595 kilometres since I started. At the moment, I’m in Newcastle-under-Lyme / Stoke-on-Trent.

As I’ll reach Leeds tomorrow in the afternoon where I hope to have some time left, I’ll try and put some more updates (GPS tracks, photos and some stories) online. For now, I just wanted to let everyone know that I’m doing alright, that I do enjoy the tour, but at the same time I do very much dislike the way how Britain was built… even if I’ve known the country for quite a while know, I still was extremely surprised how hilly it is over here. I’m only cycling up- and downhill. Especially in Cornwall and Dartmoor there wasn’t a single kilomtre of just flat terrain.

Anyway, off towards Buxton in the Peak District now – one of the highest and longest climbs of the trip is still waiting for me today…

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