Oxfam & I say thank you!

A great thank you to everyone who supported my fundraising activity! Having done the UK bike tour for charity – Oxfam in Germany – led to an amazing 1,361.82 € in donations. As I found, my initial target of collecting 1 Euro per mile of cycling (i.e. 1,000 €) was quite optimistic already. I’ve never actually thought that we’d even exceed that target. No matter how much people gave, it was very good to see the support of not only family and friends, but actually also by complete strangers whom I met in pubs or campsites along the way.

Through your great support – which also made me push a little harder in reaching my cycling goal – we were able to help Oxfam in getting a little closer to reaching its aim of minimising poverty and injustice through advocacy campaigns, development programmes and emergency response.

Don’t expect me to cycle 10,000 kilometres next time, however, I’m more than happy to take your positive response to that appeal as push for similar campaigns in the future. Again, thank you VERY MUCH!!

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