Photos of the tour are finally online!

10 Sep 2010: departure day – 1st attempt
11 Sep 2010: departure day – 2nd attempt
12 Sep 2010: day 0 (Penzance-Land’s End-Penzance [Heamor])
13 Sep 2010: day 1 (Penzance [Heamor]-Tavistock [Langstone Manor])
14 Sep 2010: day 2 (Tavistock [Langstone Manor]-Cheddar)
15 Sep 2010: day 3 (Cheddar-Leominster [Luston])
16 Sep 2010: day 4 (Leominster [Luston]-Buxton)
17 Sep 2010: day 5 (Buxton-Leeds)
18 Sep 2010: day 6 (Leeds-Glenridding)
19 Sep 2010: day 7 (Glenridding-Cumnock [Catrine])
20 Sep 2010: day 8 (Cumnock [Catrine]-Tyndrum [Strathfillan])
21 Sep 2010: day 9 (Tyndrum [Strathfillan]-Beauly)
22 Sep 2010: day 10 (Beauly-Bettyhill)
23 Sep 2010: day 11 (Bettyhill-John O’Groats)
24 Sep 2010: in John O’Groats
25 Sep 2010: Orkney Islands
26 Sep 2010: travelling back (Edinburgh)

Have fun watching the photos and reading the rest of my cycling blog. And please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you want to learn more about the tour: I don’t see it happening anymore that I’m still going to write an extensive report about this great trip on this site; however, I’m always happy to provide you with input, no matter if you’re planning a similar trip or if you’re simply an interested reader. Just keep in mind: there’s little more enjoyable than bike touring through great places, despite all the pain and struggle which will always be part of such a tour. There are ideas for at least four different future bike tours stuck in my head already again 🙂

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