A few impressions

before the start in Land’s End

ready, steady, go! – 1,598.95km lying ahead of me

one of endless descents and ascents (here: at the western foothills of Peak Distric National Park)

Peak District National Park near Buxton (strong high winds)

ridiculous 524m seriously was the highest point of my entire tour – still the overall ascent of the tour accumulated to 14,156 metres!

at my favourite pub in the UK – The Old Hill Inn in the Yorkshire Dales (which wasn’t en route at all)

but the ‘warm chocolate pudding with white chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream’ (best cake on earth!) was reason enough to include a 1.5 hours detour

Lake District National Park near Windermere/Kirkstone Pass

crawling up Kirkstone Pass straight into the fog

my most loyal companions along the tour

beautiful Lake District National Park – unfortunately a little foggy/rainy/cold

crossing the Firth of Clyde via Erskine Bridge near Glasgow

best suggestion for bike touring: expect anything anytime

cycling along my favourite lake in the UK: Loch Lomond

impressive scenery in the area of Glencoe – despite the grey morning

Scottish mountains – often explored on foot during previous years

waterfalls in Invermoriston next to Loch Ness

my private campsite next to River Beauly

view from Struie Hill towards Dornoch Firth near Bonar Bridge – the wettest day of my trip has started

wearing waterproofs or not, it didn’t make a difference anymore

cycling through the remotest area of of my tour between Lairg and Bettyhill – here just before Altnaharra at Loch Naver

he had a 4WD, I had a bicycle for crossing such “puddles”…

reaching the British northern coast line

at Dunnet Head (the most northerly point of mainland Britain) on my last day, some 20km away from my destination

I’ve made it – in John O’Groats after 1,598.95km!

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